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Born a Psychic

From a young age, I've had an intense connection with nature and the more subtle energies of the universe. During childhood, I experienced natural psychic abilities, recognizing spirits and energies in and around people. I realized that I was living in a different reality than the people around me. At night, I would go to bed thinking about existentialism before I even knew how to read. I learned that I was more than a body and there was more than this one dimension. 


My childhood near-drowning accident was the beginning of my quest to discover what life after death was all about. I was on an inflatable raft on the lake at our cottage. Even though I was eight years old, I hadn't learned to swim. The raft suddenly tipped over and my siblings and I fell into deep water. I began to panic while my brother, in his own panic, kicked my shoulders driving him up to the surface of the water and me further down. I opened my eyes straining to see the surface as the light kept getting further away. As I sank, I heard a very soft voice tell me "stop struggling, relax". I felt incredible peace as I surrendered, lost consciousness and sunk to the bottom of the lake. All I remember after that was waking up the next day. 


Years later, that same voice told me "you're going to be okay" as I was being choked unconscious by a boyfriend. In that toxic relationship, I experienced leaving my body as he would physically abuse me and I would see higher perspectives without feeling pain (at the time). I realized I was more than a physical body but I need to preserve this physical body. This ultimately gave me the clarity needed to get help and leave that relationship.


The third time, I heard that same voice but it was not quiet! I was an active mom of three beautiful young girls while burning the candle at both ends. I was in deep grief over the loss of my grandfather. I packed 30 hours into every 24 with activities. As a result, my body ultimately couldn't keep up. I had to stop at least twice when walking up a flight of stairs to catch my breath. My heart would race with atrial fibrillation, my body was emaciated, I had a huge goitre around my neck with protruding eyes and water logged ankles. One night in bed, after months of severe physical issues, I crashed. I was in a thyroid tsunami (to say thyroid storm would be an understatement!). As I tried to sleep, the sound of my heart was like a massive drum pounding in my head. I drifted off slightly and the voice said "Wake up! Call 911". When I got to the hospital, I was admitted immediately. For the next seven days, I had a private room at the hospital not allowed to move from the bed while doctors were trying to prevent me from having a stroke. I spent many hours reflecting on my life and what needed to change to get well again. What followed was a one year recovery that included keeping my heart rate down which wasn't easy being a stay at home mom with three little girls. I learned that I needed to create balance and boundaries for my body and my spirit. 

Over the years that voice taught me mediumship and what intuition is, discernment and how to have energetic boundaries for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 


As a fourth generation psychic, my natural abilities allow me to pick up information and feelings from people, as well as vibrations and messages from spirits and souls in multiple dimensions. Using my abilities, I provide you with the information you’re seeking whether it be answers regarding your present, past or future. My experience helps my clients access the knowledge deep within, and provide spiritual guidance with new perspectives to find the answers they have buried inside.


As a Life Coach & Spiritual Coach

I have been successfully coaching clients around the world and facilitating their self-growth, helping them break through the obstacles that hold them back in life. I teach clients better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of their relationships, careers, businesses and spiritual goals. Using a multi-modality, personalized approach, I draw from many years of results as well as certifications, licenses and trainings in Life Coaching, Brain Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Clinical Hypnosis, Energy Healing, Biohacking, Axiatonal Alignment, Quantum Physics, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Shamanism, Indigenous Teachings, Meditation and many more. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life, my services will introduce clarity, relief, self-motivation and inspiration. I also teach techniques and tools to better manage the emotional and physical stresses of everyday life.


My Past Life - Financial Professional

 After nearly two decades in the financial industry on Bay Street in management and leadership positions, I was fortunate to be professionally trained in many skills including; communication excellence, problem solving, customer service, emotional intelligence, sales & marketing, organization & time management, leadership & team management and of course securities and financial planning! Sharing this wisdom has been a great benefit to my clients at all stages of life and through all transitions. 



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